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Product Detail : Supply of press articiles, ps plate, elite plate, plate cleaner, phosphoric acid 500 ml, reduce, ultrafaun, unifin gu, unigum, nova delete d (100mi.), star plus u replenishe , star plus u develope, nova tone, nova wash, blanket saver 250 ml, blanket vitalizer 500 ml, anti setoff power, ink spl. book black, ink black web offset, ink spl. gloria red, ink brilliant red, ink royal blue, ink excel black, ink news black, ink 4 colour set for sheetfed offset, ink 4 colour set for web offset, ink dense black, ink magic black, ink hi-tone process, ink for screen printing, bar soap per piece, dettol/savlon (liquid) 100 ml, vim/biz powder, cotton surgical 500 gm, grease (whitepurpose), harpic 500ml., lock & key (big), numbering machine pad, hand numbering machine (max) 6 digit, hand numbering machine (max) 7 digit, oil cane , painting brush (0-12) no., scissors (sleet and plastic handle) big, medium & small, stitching wire, staple pin for heavy duty machine, heavy duty staple machine , linseed oi, hydrolic oi, gear oi, diesel oi, servo mobil, gtx mobi, boil oi, v-belt for stitching machine (a-83), compressor belt (27-b), v-belt 98-b, v-belt 83-b, plastic adhesive glue n-11a 12-970 brand, glue, fiber bit for golden deluxe cutting machine, fiber bit for pico hydro cutting machine , fiber bit for rekord cutting machine, fiber bit for perfecta cutting machine, cutting oil (blade sharpening. , fiber bit for sujata cutting machine, rubber sucker for prakash machine, rubber sucker for sahil machine , rubber band (small), rubber band (big), brush for toilet , acid for toile., screen (swizerland) for screen printing, screen (indian) for screen printing, spray jar (small ), sonakot liquid 500 ml., squeeze , adhesive tape for screen 2", adhesive tape for screen 2 ½'', chromoline roll for screen printing, wooden frame for screen printing (18 x 20"), (20 x 30"), metal clamp for screen printing, prakash machine, sahil machine, autoprint machine, maxprint machine, prakash 4 high machine, cutting machine, 4 high machine, maxprint 4 colour machine, folding machine, steel scale 2ft. per feet, steel scale 3ft. per feet, steel scale 4ft. per feet, cello tape stand, cello tape , rat killer, cockroach killer (red hit), mosquito killer (black hit) , antivirus sofware for server edition ( total security), antivirus software for pc (multi user) total security , 36gb pen drive , ssd cards for pc , external hard disk for pc , multi usb connector for pc , external hub for pc , keyboard , mouse , mouse pad, cooline (500ml., dvd/cd per pkt, ups, iso propyle alcoho., paper cutter, isolator 40a 240 volt , isolator box, cfl bulb 8 watt., cfl bulb 14 watt., solenised 240 vac, mono black 24v/240 vac, pvc elexible pipe, 1.5mm copper wire, 6mm copper wire, pvc gutka, photo cell controller 24v/240vac, blanket for 4 high machine 626 x 889mm (bar blanket) (4 ply) , blanket for sahil machine (4 ply), blanket for maxprint 4 colour machine (4 ply), blanket for mark-62 machine (4 ply), blanket for auto print machine , dampening roller hoose, ink roller for 4 high machine , ink roller for auto print machine , chemical for ctp machine, nova fountain solution, spatula (inking knife), metal halide bulb 100 watt., tap cutter knife, tap cutter machine, inner blanket (2 ply) per mtr., astrolone sheet 8.14 thou per pkt. , transparent sheet, polyester master, sponge viscovita, ink roller, paper cutting blade, grinding stone, finishing stone, single radial bearing 25 x 47-b, binding cloth, (blue, red, black and white etc.) per mtr., fevicol, neon tester, multi meter, combination plier, nose plier, screw driver, micro switch 5a 240 volt., limit switch 5a 240 vilt., push button switch, selector/activator, oen relay 240v ac / 24v ac.per nos., potentio meter 5k / 10k (3w), timer (time relay) 220v ac, sheet detector/sheet counter, mono shot timer, pressure switch, carbon brush per nos, rotery switch, isolator 40a 240 volt., mcb 6a 240 volt., mcb box 6 way, contractor 16a, 240 volt., dol starter 10a 240 volt., dol starter 16a 440 volt., photo cell, over load relay 16a, 440 volt., pigmy bulb 15 watt., flexible wire per mtr., pvc wire 1.5mm. per mtr., 40 watt tube light set (led) per set , 20 watt tube light set (general) , 20 watt choke, 20 watt tube light, capacitor 2.5 mfd, pendent holder, 5a 240 volt. switch , 5a 240 volt socket, 15a 240 volt power socket (combined), 5a plug lop, 15a plug lop, pvc board, flexible pipe, hand tools ball pin hammer, screw driver 10", slidge wrench 10", plus 10", side clip 6" (inner) , side clip 8" (outer) , veriner caliper 10", ring wrench 6mm to 27mm , socket wrench 6mm to 32mm , tapper punch 6" , flat file 8" , half round file 10", round file 8", hacksaw blade , e-mary paper, l-key set, v-belt a-38, stitching machine spare/articles cutter for stitching machine , clincher for stitching maching, carrier head for stitching machine, wire roller for stitching machine, spring for stitching machine, wire punching head for stitching machine,
Tender Location : Assam - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Value : 9151000
Tender EMD : 20000
Tender Closing Date : 11/02/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 11/02/2022 at 14:00 Hrs.
Address : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Sub-Industry/Industry : Printing - Wood Paper and Paper Products   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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